Someone Buy Me This Sick Lancia Scorpion Because I Want It

I'm one of those guys who likes a lot of different cars, but doesn't really have a single favorite. Don't get me wrong — I'm much more of a Porsche 911 man than a Chrysler 200 man, if you catch my drift! (Do you catch my drift?) But now I've come across something I simply must own, and it is this 1977 Lancia Beta… »1/06/14 4:40pm1/06/14 4:40pm

Abandoned Lancia Scorpion Makes Youngstown, Ohio 15th Most Dangerous City In America

You see these bogus "Worst Cities In America" lists all the time, and usually the accompanying photo shows a vacant lot covered with weeds and broken Olde English 800 40-dog bottles, with a gutted '85 Cutlass or '79 Corolla in the foreground and a bullet-riddled abandoned apartment building in the background. This… »12/01/08 1:30pm12/01/08 1:30pm