Why Building The Urus SUV Is Lamborghini's Toughest Job Yet

The latest from Sant’Agata, the Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder, has got a soft top and a loud V10. It’ll be great. Now let’s just move on, because the Urus SUV is set to be ready in 2018 to most likely be their first turbocharged and hybrid car. And here’s why building it will be Lamborghini’s biggest challenge yet.
»9/18/15 3:47pm9/18/15 3:47pm


Does The Lamborghini Estoque Concept Leave You Estoqued, Estounded Or Estremely Disappointed?

The sudden reveal »10/01/08 11:40am10/01/08 11:40am of the shows what we've only been able to imagine thanks to the we've been subjected to. But are we able to imagine a four-door Lamborghini that's better than the reality? The word comes from the world of bullfighting — it's the sword used to kill the bull. So is the Estoque the carmaker's killer…

Lamborghini Urus Four-Door Concept Coming To Paris, Fittingly Named After A Big German Cow

The lid on the mysterious Lamborghini teaser images »9/22/08 9:34am9/22/08 9:34am has cracked open a bit wider today, and what we see inside is the Lamborghini Urus, a four-door, front-engined, super saloon to compete against the and the . The engine is unknown at this point, but sources say it lies behind the front wheels and turns an…