What Would Your Ultimate Cop Car Look Like?

Now that we have video » 10/15/08 11:30am 10/15/08 11:30am of the , we believe that it really exists. The E7 does have a lot of what we want in a police car, including infrared/nightvision and a 3.0-liter turbodiesel motor. There also appear to be a few shortcomings. That backseat does seem a bit small for a police car and, honestly, we don't think…

A Garage Fit For a King: The Best Of The Sultan Of Brunei's Amazing Car Collection

Ferrari wagon-izations and hypercars bathed in magnetizing yellow are just a couple hints the Sultan of Brunei is perhaps the most Jalopnik head of state in the whole world. Like us, he seems to have a maddening obsession with odd cars. However, what sets him apart is his seemingly unending pot of money with which to… » 4/15/08 12:30pm 4/15/08 12:30pm