Dispatches from Hiroshima: lost in an NA Miata, at-speed in a LeMans-spec Lambo, up to my neck in Cosmos

It’s amazing where a bit of luck can land you. Over the last few days, I’ve found myself adrift without GPS on a sinuous bit of remote Japanese rural road, blitzing along in a Murcielago R-GT without ear protection, and the lone Westerner in a Mazda fan event numbering 1200 cars - and then Yojiro Terada broke out the… »9/24/15 1:11pm9/24/15 1:11pm

Why Building The Urus SUV Is Lamborghini's Toughest Job Yet

The latest from Sant’Agata, the Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder, has got a soft top and a loud V10. It’ll be great. Now let’s just move on, because the Urus SUV is set to be ready in 2018 to most likely be their first turbocharged and hybrid car. And here’s why building it will be Lamborghini’s biggest challenge yet.
»9/18/15 3:47pm9/18/15 3:47pm

A Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Just Popped Up For Sale On A Forum

The Air Force won’t sell you a F-117 stealth fighter, but you can buy the next best thing for only $3 million. A few days ago, a user on the 6 Speed Online forum, listed the all carbon-fiber Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for sale. This is one of 20 cars ever built, and according to the user, the only one available for… »7/10/15 6:00pm7/10/15 6:00pm