A Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Just Popped Up For Sale On A Forum

The Air Force won’t sell you a F-117 stealth fighter, but you can buy the next best thing for only $3 million. A few days ago, a user on the 6 Speed Online forum, listed the all carbon-fiber Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for sale. This is one of 20 cars ever built, and according to the user, the only one available for… » 7/10/15 6:00pm 7/10/15 6:00pm

If You Want To Grow Your Business, You Need To Buy A Lamborghini

As someone who has created his own business, I am what the French call an entreprenuer. I don’t have one of those fancy MBA degrees; so if I want to be successful, I need to get my business smarts elsewhere. Thankfully, Entrepreneur.com has just the advice I need, which is to buy a Lamborghini. » 6/20/15 11:03am 6/20/15 11:03am

The Lamborghini SUV Is Confirmed For 2018, Whether You Like It Or Not

The alleged “new Lamborghini SUV” idea that’s been raising eyebrows since the Urus concept came out in 2012 is finally officially confirmed by the company. What exactly it will look like remains an exciting and terrifying mystery but it’s slated to come out, for real, in 2018. » 5/27/15 11:06am 5/27/15 11:06am

Can a $600,000 Lamborghini REALLY be a SMART Investment?

What did you do the last time you had a bad experience with a company? Did you fill out a comment card? Maybe you left a bad Yelp review? Maybe you went and started a rival company out of spite? Well, probably not that last one, unless your name happens to be Ferruccio Lamborghini. The Automobili Lamborghin origin… » 5/13/15 1:39pm 5/13/15 1:39pm

Please Allow The Speed Of The Lamborghini Huracan To Warp Your Brain

Say what you will about the Lamborghini Huracan being a bit of an understeering beast, it still turns into an absolute wailing monster when it’s in the right hands, on the right road. And the “right hands,” in this case, means former Formula One driver Nicolas Kiesa. And the right road is the city of Roskilde. » 5/05/15 10:51am 5/05/15 10:51am