GMI: GMC Acadia, Lambda SUT Cut Like Bad Fraternity Pledges

We'd heard earlier this month GM was considering the possibility of cutting a brand — and Pontiac and GMC were the two we were told had the greatest possibility of seeing their head hit the chopping block. While apparently that's still being debated, the GM forum fan-boys over at GMInsideNews have come across news… »6/30/08 12:20pm6/30/08 12:20pm

Jalopnik Guide To GM Global Platforms And College Greek Organizations

As a proud graduate of the University of Texas, there was a time when I knew all the letters of the Greek alphabet and all the fraternities and sororities that corresponded to them. There was also a time when I thought I knew all of the GM platforms and their associated Greek letters. Recently I've noticed that I'm… »1/23/08 2:00pm1/23/08 2:00pm

Hyundai Genesis Sedan Revealed One Month Prior To Detroit Auto Show Unveil

At a super-secret special test drive preview for the Korean media, Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled the sports sedan Genesis a full month prior to what was supposed to be the "official" unveil at the Detroit Auto Show and a full month after they showed off the coupe concept version at the LA Auto Show. The car features a… »12/05/07 6:40am12/05/07 6:40am

Hyundai Genesis Badge Revealed...for Chinese and Korean Markets

Hyundai just unveiled the above shiny winged silver name-badge for the new rear-wheel drive power sedan from the Korean automaker. Yes, we know it's not very attractive. But the good news is the badge is only for the Korean and Chinese markets where, according to Hyundai, the wings will "symbolize the spirit of flight… »12/04/07 9:45am12/04/07 9:45am

Pricing! Buick Enclave Breaks Out Of The Woods, Starts At $32,790

Lost amid important things like t-shirt slogans and a certain car exec's hairdo, we kind of missed the completion of the General's Lambda-platform trilogy. Rick Wagoner's blue-haired Buick brand has now allowed pricing on the Outlook Acadia Enclave to run free out of the Woods. The CX, the base-level FWD version of… »1/20/07 5:18pm1/20/07 5:18pm

Breaking! GM Issues "Stop Sale" To Dealers On Saturn Outlook And GMC Acadia

Dealers received an immediate stop-action communique over the weekend from the home office at the RenCen of the General's decision to immediately halt sales of the two models in its threesome of Lambda-platform CUV's already on the market, the GMC Acadia and the Saturn Outlook. The communique, which appears to have… »12/11/06 10:01am12/11/06 10:01am

That's A Saturn? 2007 Outlook To Start At $27,990, AWD Pricing In At $29,990

Well, number two in the threesome of Lambda-platform CUV's — the General's answer to the Ford Edge / Lincoln MKX — has finally finished getting its makeup ready and is ready for the public. The Saturn Outlook joins its non-identical twin brother, the Acadia, in the ranks of "vehicles with price tags." Yes, we know —… »10/26/06 2:22pm10/26/06 2:22pm