Google Street View Laps Laguna Seca With ALMS Race Cars!

Google Street View has recently taken us to some pretty cool locales, but none gets our motors running quite like the little camera car running the Laguna Seca circuit with some ALMS cars. » 3/26/09 2:00pm 3/26/09 2:00pm

2009 Renault Laguna Coupe Caught In NYC Filming...Something

Fresh from a movie star's debut at Monaco, the 2009 Renault Laguna Coupe was snapped in New York City during filming of what we can only assume is a commercial for the all-new, all-French two door. Zut Alors! That spunky 240-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 is probably not getting too much of a workout on the streets of Gotham… » 6/19/08 10:40am 6/19/08 10:40am

2009 Renault Laguna Coupe Debuts At Cannes And Monaco, Gets Favorable…

We've been waiting for the real Laguna Coupe to drop ever since we saw the Renault Laguna concept at Frankfurt last year. Pleasantly, the coupe retains the smooth lines and sharp features of the concept version, only slightly refined for the driving public. Though we're partial to the Laguna GT wagon, this Laguna… » 5/27/08 12:45pm 5/27/08 12:45pm

2009 Subaru Forester, Part Three

Why you should buy this car:
You are sickened by the sight of Chevy Suburban. You are a vegan who just loves Home Depot. You would sooner saw your right arm off with a rusty tree saw than vote Republican. Your wardrobe consists almost entirely of stuff made by Patagonia and The North Face. You are in an unconventional… » 3/12/08 12:00pm 3/12/08 12:00pm

2009 Subaru Forester, Part Two

Exterior Design: ***

The original Forester design sought to stuff an SUV into downscaled packaging more palatable to the food co-op set. The 2009 model abandons its predecessors' upright, boxy vibe for something closer to a streamlined crossover approach. Sleeker, yet still oozing functionality. And, of course, the… » 3/11/08 12:20pm 3/11/08 12:20pm

2009 Subaru Forester, Part One

Is it kismet? I suspect so, as over a few short weeks, a couple of themes have begun to emerge in our Jalopnik Reviews. First, Hardigree gets his hands on a Dodge Caliber SRT4 and loses a tire. Not two weeks later, I voyage to sublime Laguna Beach, and then to Catalina Island for some hoontastic off-roadin' in the 2009 … » 3/10/08 12:30pm 3/10/08 12:30pm

Renault Laguna Concept To Drop At Frankfurt Auto Show

The paint's barely dry on the new 2008 Laguna and the fancy-schmancy boys at Renault are already hard at work trying to come up with a new Laguna. Apparently the wee little lads who work under Carlos Ghosn have come up with a concept Laguna we'll be seeing live this next week at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Already we're… » 9/07/07 2:45pm 9/07/07 2:45pm

Renault Reveals New Laguna

Admit it. You've been waiting for Renault to give its Laguna a bit of the ol' up and under, haven't you? Well, they may have, depending on your definition of that vaguely British-sounding turn of phrase. But whether it's sex appeal you were looking for, or you hadn't given it a fool's farthing, the new Renault Laguna… » 6/04/07 7:09am 6/04/07 7:09am

Renault Laguna Teasers

With Renault set to reveal its latest Laguna on June 4, the company's sent out some teaser shots of the 2008 model, which we'll examine as a purely academic exercise. The Laguna's always left us sort of clammy, with looks that appear backdated, even in light of today's drab-plus-one entrants like the Volkswagen Passat… » 6/01/07 10:23am 6/01/07 10:23am