The Crash of Delta 1086 Is Exactly Why Airlines Cancel Flights for Snow

We've all moaned and groaned over flights cancelled due to weather. It's maddening to miss your connection (or even your whole trip) because of bad weather, but incidents like today's crash of Delta 1086 in a snowy New York City are exactly why they make that tough call that can affect millions of travelers. » 3/06/15 8:50am 3/06/15 8:50am

Delta Flight Slides Off Laguardia Runway In Blizzard, Closes The Airport

Laguardia Airport in New York has been closed after Delta flight 1086, inbound from Atlanta, skidded off Runway 13 on landing. No injuries reported so far but the airport officials claim the airplane is on fire and the FDNY is transmitting a two alarm response. » 3/05/15 11:57am 3/05/15 11:57am

Two Planes Just Clipped Each Other At NYC's Second-Biggest Airport

Departing Southwest Flight 449 was just clipped on the winglet by a a returning American Airlines plane as it headed to the terminal at LaGuardia Airport, according to multiple reports. » 12/23/14 2:33pm 12/23/14 2:33pm

New York's LaGuardia Tops The 'Most Frustrating Airports' List

This time of year, everyone comes out with a 'Best of the Year' list, for everything from movies to songs, cars, and even airlines. But it's also fun and important to evaluate the worst of things like airports, and two in the New York-area are among the most frustrating for travelers. » 12/03/14 4:41pm 12/03/14 4:41pm

Two Kids Broke Into LaGuardia In '68 And Recorded This Great Footage

This footage was shot on a LaGuardia runway. Yes, two kids just hopped a fence and started filming right on runway 31 back in 1968. Airport security has changed a bit little since then. » 10/11/13 4:10pm 10/11/13 4:10pm

Plane's Nose Gear Collapses While Landing at Laguardia

Laguardia Airport is closed to incoming planes, after a Southwest flight from Nashville had a malfunction with its front landing gear while landing. No one was immediately reported injured, and passengers have begun to exit the plane through its emergency chutes. » 7/22/13 7:43pm 7/22/13 7:43pm