British Columbia, Where You'll Find Alfas and... La Forzas?

Here are some more DOTS Bonus Edition photos that have been waiting for quite a while; Benson2175 spotted what appears to be a very nice early-60s Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider up there in British Columbia and had camera at the ready. Which was pretty cool and all, but then he went and found a La Forza SUV. A what? »3/07/08 2:00pm3/07/08 2:00pm

Question Of The Day: What Was (Almost) Your Biggest Mistake?

I was speaking with Spinelli yesterday and we each revealed a secret to the other. No, not that we both rate 3 on the Kinsey scale. But that we each almost purchased a big SUV. Spinelli copped to the fact that he was nearly seduced by the admittedly tantalizing combination of American power and Italian leather and… »4/19/07 11:00am4/19/07 11:00am