We Might Be Crazy Because We're Taking Our Lada On A 3,500 Mile Trip To Asia

Two weeks ago we bought a Lada and put our stickers all over it. Now I’m about to tell you why. It involves 3,500 miles across some of the most rugged terrain that Turkey, Georgia, Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia have to offer. Are we insane? Maybe. But you have to be a little insane to attempt the Caucasian Challenge,… »8/20/15 9:00am8/20/15 9:00am

A Detail To Appreciate: The Handle-less Door Handle

If you’ve ever had a weird reaction to some pills you found in a wet paper bag on the sidewalk, then you probably know that when you disassemble a car by hand in a deep, trance-like state, you end up with a lot of parts. So when I see a detail on a car that can eliminate even one part, I’m impressed. Like this door… »4/29/15 9:55pm4/29/15 9:55pm

House Of Cards Talks About Ladas, Doesn't Quite Get It Right

Are you a fan of Soviet/Russian cars, and have been continually disappointed by their lack of any mainstream attention on American media? If so, boy are you going to be happy, because Ladas were just talked about for an extended period of time on the Netflix show, House of Cards. It just wasn't all that flattering. Or… »3/03/15 4:49pm3/03/15 4:49pm

The 2016 Chevy Niva Will Crush Your Puny Western Compact SUVs

GM operates in Russia as a joint venture with local outfit AvtoVAZ, selling the Chevrolet Niva based on the "classic"/archaic Lada Niva. For 2016 they're modernizing the design, and if this concept slated for the Moscow Auto Show is to be taken seriously, it's gonna be jacked up and ready to hit the snow. »8/13/14 10:26am8/13/14 10:26am