Why Are These Massive Cargo Ships Trapped at 29 U.S. Ports?

You've probably read about it, even if it didn't really register. Something about a backlog. Something about unions. Imports and exports. Now the dispute that's paralyzing 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast has the potential to affect all of us—and to empty the shelves in countless stores. »2/19/15 5:24pm2/19/15 5:24pm

95 MPH Race to Hospital and Last-Second Birth Captured on Dad's Go-Pro

When Kristin Dickerson went into labor late last month after a 42-week pregnancy, her husband Troy Dickerson did the sensible thing and strapped a GoPro camera to his head to capture the dramatic, high-speed ride to the hospital and the birth itself, which took place as an understandably frantic Kristen stood outside… »7/10/14 9:17am7/10/14 9:17am

IAM Members Approve Contract, Keep Boeing 777X in Washington

In a 51% to 49% vote, members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers accepted a new contract from Boeing that will keep production of the future 777 variant in Washington State while cutting retirement benefits. The majority voted against the wishes of union leaders, but with the wishes… »1/04/14 5:58pm1/04/14 5:58pm

UAW Approves Labor Deal With Ford, Still Stuck Watching Reruns of The Office

Ford announced today that its approximately 54,000 UAW-reprsented employees in the US have accepted the four-year national labor agreement that was tentatively approved on November 3rd. Alan Mullaly said "This agreement is proof that by working together with our UAW partners, it is possible to find solutions that… »11/14/07 1:00pm11/14/07 1:00pm

Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest and a Ford GT in the Garage: Autoworker buys Supercar

37-year Janesville, WI truck-plant worker David Leeder just plopped down nearly 176k on a Ford GT, noting that it's three times what he paid for his house. The 57-year-old autoworker has obviously reaped the benefits of UAW membership. Interestingly enough, the Janesville plant is owned by General Motors. We somehow… »6/16/06 3:00pm6/16/06 3:00pm

Peugeot: "Bimp? What Bimp?" Unions: "The One We're Gonna Give You on the 'Ead, Bleedlin' Frogs!"

Not loving the French is not an option. They're irrational. They invented the Traction Avant. They gave us a great big green statue. They may quite possibly, as an entire people, be insane. We have lived with a Frenchman and loved a Frenchwoman, and she's the one that slots perfectly in this story. When we were a… »6/08/06 8:30pm6/08/06 8:30pm

The Ain't No Picnic: What Today Might Mean to Labor and the Left

Slate's got an interesting bit up from UC Santa Barbara professor Nelson Lichtenstein about the roots of May Day and the changing face of activism since the 1930s. Down at the bodega this afternoon, the immigrants were on the job, watching white people on TV report on the masses of brown people clogging the streets… »5/01/06 9:31pm5/01/06 9:31pm

My Brain Hurts: Analysts Fear Early Retirement Creates Knowledge Drain

The latest doom-and-gloom, sturm-and-drang, sky-is-falling angst from the analysts comes regarding the Detroit automakers cutting costs by issuing golden parachutes to skilled laborers with 30 and 40 years of experience. Combined by the lack of vocational training and apprenticeships in schools these days and… »11/16/05 12:27pm11/16/05 12:27pm

GM Cuts Deal with UAW to Trim Health Care Costs

Damn you, GM and UAW — was all that anklebiting just typical politicking? The New York Times is reporting today that — despite the union's recent bluster — the two entities have agreed on a plan to reduce GM's worker health care costs. Considering GM is reporting a $1.6 billion loss for the third quarter, the deal,… »10/17/05 10:23am10/17/05 10:23am