How NASA Solved A $100 Million Problem For Five Bucks

A few years ago, back when the Constellation Program was still alive, NASA engineers discovered that the Ares I rocket had a crucial flaw, one that could have jeopardized the entire project. They panicked. They plotted. They steeled themselves for the hundreds of millions of dollars it was going to take to make… » 1/31/12 3:15pm 1/31/12 3:15pm

The Mille Chili Lab: Ferrari University

Ferrari has just announced the Mille Chili lab, an initiative with the University of Modena, to help future Ferrari models weigh under the 1000 kg mark. Let's hope they don't just make another Millechili concept. » 2/19/09 4:00pm 2/19/09 4:00pm

Man Busted for Mustang Meth Lab

To quote last night's episode of My Name Is Earl, we're "sure people only make meth with the best intentions." That being said, we question the sanity of making something as highly volatile as meth in the trunk of a Ford Mustang as one now-incarcerated Prattville, Alabama man did. It doesn't say what kind of Mustang,… » 11/30/07 3:30pm 11/30/07 3:30pm