Kurt Busch Claims He Was Naked When His Ex-Girlfriend Barged Into His RV

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch called ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll's allegations of domestic assault a "fabrication" in his testimony Wednesday. Busch claims that he was emotionally distraught after watching a movie when Driscoll decided to check up on him anyway, barging in on him in the nude. » 12/18/14 2:00pm Thursday 2:00pm

Kurt Busch's Big Wreck Shows Why Racing At Indy Can Be So Scary

Kurt Busch is a NASCAR driver, but this weekend he's planning on becoming the fourth driver to attempt The Double, racing in both the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 in one day. He's not so used to IndyCar yet, so this is what can happen when a driver loses his concentration just for a fraction of a second. » 5/19/14 3:50pm 5/19/14 3:50pm

James Finch's Low Key NASCAR Exit A Loss For Racing As A Whole

On it's surface, James Finch's perennial midpack Phoenix Racing NASCAR operation wasn't anything special. With just one Sprint Cup win to it's name and not one full season with a single driver in it's history, Finch's program never really left a lasting impression on the sport from a competition standpoint. Below… » 9/21/13 7:53am 9/21/13 7:53am

How Kurt Busch Got The OK To Drive His Own 'Talladega Nights' Car In A…

Coming into Talladega, Kurt Busch had no sponsorship for his car. So instead, he decided to run his car decked out in full Ricky Bobby livery — straight from the movie Talladega Nights — in this Sunday's real race. They'll even be playing the roles of the characters from the movie on the in-car communications. » 5/04/12 2:00pm 5/04/12 2:00pm