Profiles in Badge Engineering Courage: Daewoo Launches G2X

The Saturn Sky roadster is apparently GM's two-seater for the global market (sorry, Solstice). A version has already found its way into the Opel lineup as the Opel GT. Now, GM's Korean connection Daewoo's getting its own Sky. Make that the G2X. First shown at the Seoul motor show earlier this year, the G2X will get… »8/24/07 7:49am8/24/07 7:49am


Hyundai Going Luxe? Carmaker "Not Ruling Out" Upper-Class Brand

If the sign of an automaker's maturity is the launch of an upscale brand, Hyundai may be preparing for its Bar Mitzvah. According to the Road not without bend, Hyundai hasn't ruled out creating a Lexusian marque under which to sell a line of upmarket autos. That word came from a Hyundai rep at a Veracruz test drive… »3/30/07 1:49pm3/30/07 1:49pm

GM-Daewoo Limits Self To Only 30 Booth Babes At 2007 Seoul Motor Show

Some automakers are users and abusers of the "booth babes," including them in displays in order to create a visceral reaction from the high horsepower cars and attractive women perched atop them. The automakers that employ them are all over using them because they want the auto writing media folks to do two things —… »3/23/07 1:40pm3/23/07 1:40pm

As If You Hadn't Seen It: Hyundai Reveals Veracruz Crossover

Hyundai's released more shots of its Veracruz LUV (for those playing along at home, that's a CUV with leather seats). All pwning aside, the Veracruz looks like a contender in the luxury realm, with headlight washers, LED taillights, and park-assist system. Watchers expect Hyundai's 3.8-liter V6 to be offered along… »10/16/06 9:32am10/16/06 9:32am