Deal Reached To De-Escalate Volatile Situation On The Korean Peninsula

After three weeks of tit for tat action and reaction, a mega-dose of saber rattling, a North Korean deadline to war and three days of emergency high-level negotiations in an abandoned town near the DMZ, the North and South have come to an agreement that will supposedly deescalate the blazing military and political… »8/24/15 3:17pm8/24/15 3:17pm

North Korea: Turn Off Loudspeakers By 5 P.M. Tomorrow Or Face Military Action

Tensions are extremely high on the Korean Peninsula after the North and the South exchanged artillery fire yesterday. This came as at the top of a crescendo of destabilizing events occurring over the last three weeks, one of which saw South Korea blaring propaganda across the DMZ into North Korea border towns via huge… »8/21/15 3:23pm8/21/15 3:23pm

North And South Korea Exchange Artillery Fire Along DMZ

There has been an exchange of artillery fire between North and South Korea today along the Demilitarized Zone. A North Korean rocket landed in western province of Gyeonggi, which resulted in a retaliatory barrage of a few dozen South Korean artillery shells. Currently, South Korea is on high alert for another North… »8/20/15 10:13am8/20/15 10:13am

75 Amazing Images Of U.S. Air Power In South Korea

America has close to 30,000 military personnel deployed to the Korean Peninsula, still holding the line alongside their South Korean counterparts from a stalemate of a war that officially never ended over 60 years ago. Part of this force includes USAF F-16s and A-10s spread across two bases and the 2nd Aviation… »6/27/15 1:38pm6/27/15 1:38pm