Kobe Announces His Hummer Auction to Middle Schoolers

While we think the best place to announce you're selling a Hummer H3 would be the parking lot of a Ralph's Fresh Fare around 11:00 am to take advantage of the MILF crowd, Kobe decided to take his message straight to the underprivileged youth that can probably neither drive nor buy the vehicle. If you weren't aware,… »11/29/07 12:30pm11/29/07 12:30pm

Kobe Bryant Wants You to Have a Hummer... You Know, For Kids

Never let it be said that Kobe Bryant likes adultery more than kids, as he's doing his part for the little people by helping to sell this autographed Hummer H3 on eBay for Governor Schwarzenegger's Afterschool All-Stars charity. Schwarzenegger & Kobe! How many references to unwanted sexual advances can we make? »11/20/07 9:14am11/20/07 9:14am

When There's No Snow, Vail is Nothing But Kobe Bryant and Hybrids

("Follow us as we lift the hood on the world of industrial automotive espionage in From The Car Spy's Dossier, a series of road reports from A-list spy shooter Brenda Priddy and some of the world's greatest car spies!)I barely had a chance to unpack at my motel right across from BMW's so-called "top secret" hot… »7/23/07 1:30pm7/23/07 1:30pm