First Episode Of New Knight Rider TV Show Online At Hulu...And Right Here

Want to see the first episode of the new Knight Rider »9/18/08 12:45pm9/18/08 12:45pm TV show a week earlier than it'll air on broadcast television? If so, it's your lucky day — just moments ago it went live on Hulu for the watching. But why go there when we've got the full episode below the jump? We won't spoil anything that hasn't already been…


Jalopnik Drives KITT In Woodward Dream Cruise, Pretends We're Michael Knight

That's right boys n' girls, I'm cruising down Woodward Avenue today in the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise »8/16/08 8:45am8/16/08 8:45am in none other than the Mustang-powered hitting NBC this fall. Unlike most of those used in filming, this isn't a fancy-pantsified Mustang GT. Nope, it's a heavily-modified GT500KR, with light bar and all. I'm not…

The Glitz, The Glamor: The People Of The Gumball 3000!

All manner of celebrities were there with me in the Green Zone at the Gumball 3000 opening ceremonies yesterday, but I live in a fortified survivalist compound in which the corrupting influence of television is prohibited and thus could identify just two famous individuals: ex-mayor Willie Brown and ex-star David… »8/10/08 2:00pm8/10/08 2:00pm

First Video Of KITT Valmorphanizing Into A Ford F-150 FX4 Pickup Truck

Somewhere between "Morphing" and "Transforming" is the very Team America-ish "Valmorphanization." That's the term we feel best using to describe what KITT's doing in this one minute clip from the new Knight Rider TV show premiering September 24th on NBC. As you'd expect, KITT is apparently fitted with a current Ford… »7/26/08 2:36pm7/26/08 2:36pm

KITT's Turbo Boost Is Back For New Knight Rider Series

It's official — "Turbo Boost" is back for KITT. One of the biggest disappointments in the Knight Rider made-for-TV movie was the total lack of KITT's signature, once-per-show super-move — turbo-boost. After getting the green light for series production, the new Knight Rider series has already calmed our fears the… »7/18/08 8:40am7/18/08 8:40am

Knight Rider-Themed GPS System Gets Original Voice Of KITT

While Val Kilmer did a yeoman's job as the voice of KITT in the made-Ford-TV movie earlier this year, he still sucked compared to Will Arnett. And they both sucked compared to the crisp tones of the original voice of the F-bodied Trans Am, William Daniels. Luckily, he's the voice behind this new Mio GPS with a Knight… »6/20/08 5:00pm6/20/08 5:00pm

Researchers Looking To Make KITT More Than A Hasselhoff Fantasy

Scientists and researchers at Stanford must have quite the fascination with David Hasselhoff and his KITT because they are working on making the talking-car technology a reality. The lead on this team, Clifford Nass, says that a more intelligent car that knows about the driver and communicates with the driver can help… »5/08/08 1:40pm5/08/08 1:40pm

New Knight Rider TV Show To Be Officially Live-Blogged By Alex Nunez, Lesbian Surfers Rejoice

So Knight Rider the TV show is going to be airing this fall on Wednesday nights, hoping to draw attention away from those 16 variations of CSI that CBS is running. Sickened by the obvious endings and lack of Will Arnett, we're going to skip on the Knight Rider Live-Blog and leave it in the capable hands of AutoBlog's… »4/02/08 5:45pm4/02/08 5:45pm

Jalopnik Hearts Will Arnett, Will Arnett Hearts Jalopnik

While hanging out at the Audi Forum event last night we bumped into our fair share of celebrities, including the cast of some show called Gossip Girl that the kids seem to enjoy. It was one of those events. But then one half of America's favorite comedy power couple, Will Arnett, arrived. We have an awkward almost man… »3/20/08 9:30am3/20/08 9:30am

The Real Reason Why Will Arnett Was Dropped As KITT?

There was a time when we thought Knight Rider might be saved by having WIll Arnett voice KITT. This was right before they announced Will Arnett would not voice KITT. The excuse they gave had to do with this other job as the voice of GMC Trucks. This clip from Arnett suggests that the producers may have been going in a… »2/19/08 9:40am2/19/08 9:40am

Knight Rider Rides Again On The Today Show, Now With Added Hasselhoff

KITT made an appearance on the Today Show this morning alongside costar Justin Bruening to promote the new Knight Rider TV Movie. During the show it was revealed that David Hasselhoff will be returning as Michael Knight. Bruening also revealed the loophole that allows the new version to pick up where the old left off,… »2/15/08 11:00am2/15/08 11:00am