Knight Rider: The New Intro

You've seen our first exclusive pics of the new KITT. You've seen our knee-jerk reactions in the live blog as we watched the premiere. But in case you missed it (or you avoided it), we've got the intro sequence of the new Knight Rider up and ready for you to watch as many times as you'd like to. Behold the CG! Watch… » 2/17/08 11:10pm 2/17/08 11:10pm

The Official Unofficial Knight Rider Live-Blog

Tonight's the first episode — err — part of the Knight Rider movie/mini-series/season, and we'll be live-blogging it live on NBC starting in a few minutes from the comfort of the Jalopnik world headquarters. So keep track of the Knight Rider tag to keep track of all of the Mustang-filled action all evening and keep… » 2/17/08 9:06pm 2/17/08 9:06pm