Kleeman D-SCK Concept Revealed — More Euro Flavored Vaporware

Apparently, the Danish Mercedes Benz tuning haus Kleeman can't get enough of making up supercars. We told you all about the Kleeman GTK a couple of months ago and we haven't seen hide nor halfshaft of the car, but that doesn't mean they can't drop the sheet on the Kleeman D-SCK concept. Designed as the rear engined… » 4/07/08 1:45pm 4/07/08 1:45pm

Kleeman GTK Concept

The major Danes at Kleeman have worked up a special vessel for the company's Kleemann Kompressor. It's the GTK, a three-year project to recast and rebody a Mercedes SLK 55 AMG. The resulting powertrain produces 540 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque over Mercedes's seven-speed automatic transmission. Zero to 62 mph… » 10/30/07 10:00am 10/30/07 10:00am

More Kleeman Pre-Essen: The Mercedes-Benz S50 S3

Kleeman is all up in the pre-Essen tuner news today, first with its ML 50K S8 and now — possibly its piece d'(wind) resistance — the S-Class based S50 S3. Ok, it's not as extreme as the ML, but the S3 does get some mild tweakage — remapped ECU, high-flow air filters, and custom exhaust system — through which the… » 11/23/05 10:25am 11/23/05 10:25am

Kleemann's Newest Mercedes M-Class Tuner

The main Danes in the Mercedes-tuning universe, Kleemann, will show off their new, 595hp ML 500 tuner at the Essen show next week. The package, which they say makes their ML 50K S8 "utterly desirable," gains Kleemann's juiced version of the Mercedes 5.0-liter V8 — used in its CLS and E-Class tuners — which includes a… » 11/23/05 8:50am 11/23/05 8:50am