Suzuki Kizashi 3 Concept Debuts, Actual Kizashi To Go On Sale In 2010

Today in New York, Suzuki unveiled the third, and seemingly last, Kizashi: the Kizashi 3 Concept. Whereas Kizashi was a low-slung GT and the Kizashi 2 was a hatchback/crossover, the Kizashi 3 is a true sports sedan that's supposed to be close to production. Similar to the other Kisashis, power comes from a… » 3/20/08 12:10pm 3/20/08 12:10pm

Suzuki Kizashi 3 Concept Coming To New York Auto Show

Suzuki seems to be making a concerted effort to establish themselves in the increasingly competitive North American car market. At Chicago they introduced the Suzuki Equator, a Frontier-based entrant into the truck market. At that unveil they hinted at a four-door sports for the NY Auto Show, which is the concept you… » 3/06/08 12:15pm 3/06/08 12:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki Concept Kizashi 2

Suzuki came through with one of the best concepts of the show, the Kizashi 2. It's a new version of the Kizashi concept the company showed in Frankfurt. Under the hood is the suze's highest-displacement engine ever, a 3.6-liter V6. Among the concept cars here, this should win the Should Have a 472 ci Cadillac V8… » 10/24/07 3:00am 10/24/07 3:00am

Suzuki to Show "Third Phase" Design Study in Frankfurt

Suzuki says its planning to introduce its "third phase," which we presume means setting itself apart from other carmakers with unique design. It'll happen at the Frankfurt auto show, where the Suz will unveil a concept car called Kizashi. It suggests a new model expected to show up early next decade and reaching a… » 8/10/07 7:07am 8/10/07 7:07am