Aussie Super Car Goes On Sale, Electric Version Planned

Everyone’s favorite mid-engined Australian super car has entered the final stages of development with Bolwell finally beginning to take deposits on the $132,000 car. The Bolwell Nagari »11/11/08 12:00pm11/11/08 12:00pm drops a 3.5-liter Toyota V6 into a composite chassis, mating the 295 HP engine to a 6-speed paddle-shifter. At just 2,020 Lbs, that…

Why Kit Cars Have A Bad Reputation: The Front-Engine Countach

Close the drapes and be certain young children are not in the room, for this is horror on an entirely inconceivable scale. The utter malice exhibited through this monstrosity should be punishable. We believe this was once a Fox-body Mustang; what it is now is a horrifying interpretation of a Lamborghini Countach (kind… »10/28/08 2:00pm10/28/08 2:00pm

Nova Kit Car Builder Admits To Decades Of Crazy Customization

The story of Steve McHugh, the man behind the radical Nova kit car we initially posted on a lark (and because we're automotive sadists) just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. Steve recently emailed us to let us in on a little secret — he's been building crazy-ass cars for nigh on twenty-eight years now. Since… »8/11/08 4:45pm8/11/08 4:45pm

Tirrito Vajon Update: Mystery Supercar Specs Revealed

The other day we brought you thrilling footage of the upcoming Tirrito Vajon undergoing rigorous developmental testing on some roundabouts. Today, we have even more exclusive info on the mysterious Italian supercar. "Andry," the owner of the Vajon project assured us that the engine is indeed a 3.0L biturbo mill, but… »2/15/08 11:25am2/15/08 11:25am