Watch A Guy Freak Out As An SUV Backs Into His Hand-Built Car Out For…

Kevin Patrick spent months building his own sports car and was ecstatic at the prospect of finally taking it out on to the open road. The ecstasy lasted all of three-tenths of a mile before an SUV backed right into it. Patrick recorded the whole crash and it may be the most painful thing you'll see today. Making it… » 4/24/12 2:45pm 4/24/12 2:45pm

For $2,000, Jamaica Phone Call To Your Momma Lately?

It's long been the rule of thumb here on Nice Price or Crack Pipe that you never, ever buy someone else's project, as you don't know if they were all thumbs. Of course today's Triumph-based Jamaican needs so much work that it conceivably could be considered your project. Its price however, may not get a thumb's up. » 3/29/12 8:00am 3/29/12 8:00am