They'll Call You Doctor Love: Kiss Army Truck for Sale on eBay

We would have donated our parents to science for a Kiss-themed Ford F-150 when we were seven years old. We're not seven any more (physically, at least), and can't quite endorse this over-the-top homage to the painted four. First of all, the entire band won't all fit in it, which would hinder their response to… » 7/10/06 11:30am 7/10/06 11:30am

Gene Simmons Points Love Gun in Indy's Direction

The rock 'n' roll legend, breather of fire, God of Thunder, wielder of the axe-shaped bass formerly known as Chaim Witz has teamed up with the IRL in one of those unique marketing alliances that somebody thought was a good idea. We're slightly frightened of his new song, "I Am Indy," which apparently through "its… » 1/11/06 1:14pm 1/11/06 1:14pm