What Gawker Media Is Doing About Our Rape Gif Problem

On Monday, we posted an open letter to the management of Gawker Media, our parent company, regarding an ongoing problem that we here at Jezebel could no longer tolerate: horribly violent rape gifs that were consistently appearing in our comments. For months, we asked Gawker Media HQ for help with the trolling — but… »8/13/14 11:10am8/13/14 11:10am

I'll Probably Switch The Site Over To The New Design Tomorrow

I had a few requests for the people developing the next iteration of Kinja (called 'Tiger' internally) before I agreed this site over to it, based on a mix of my own experiences and on your responses to Nick Denton's product posts. I'm happy enough with the results to probably flip the switch tomorrow morning. »2/24/14 9:45pm2/24/14 9:45pm

Everyone Welcome Doug DeMuro To Jalopnik And Glimpse The Future

The benefit of having a huge network of commenters and contributors like Kinja is that the talent has a hard time hiding, which is why so many Jalopnik writers and editors got their start in our comments. Gawker has a plan to make this process even easier and I'm proud to announce Doug DeMuro will be our first… »2/18/14 3:35pm2/18/14 3:35pm