Buy Seven Geely King Kong's For The Price Of One Godzilla

Whereas "Godzilla" is just a nickname for the Nissan GT-R, the Geely King Kong is actually the name of a compact hatch set for sale in China. The little crazy-eyed car will be available with either a 1.5L or 1.8L four-cylinder with auto and manual transmissions available. ChinaCarTimes is speculating the hairy ape… » 5/29/08 9:40am 5/29/08 9:40am

Craziest Ford Ranger Commercial You Will Ever See

Let's say you are in the desert and decide you need a moment away from your banana delivery route. You park your trusty Ford Ranger Open Cab next to the dusty road and hop out, glad to have a moment of solitude in which to relieve yourself. In this situation what's the furthest possible thing from your mind? If… » 1/08/08 12:15pm 1/08/08 12:15pm