Kanye West Pulled Over For Speeding In Kim Kardashian's Geländewagen

Voice of a generation Kanye West found himself in a bit of hot water with the law after getting pulled over for speeding in West Hollywood earlier this week, according to E! News. » 1/04/13 1:40pm 1/04/13 1:40pm

Drifting Kanye And Kim Kardashian’s Rented Gold Lamborghini Aventador

Kanye and Kim Kardashian wanted a sweet ride for Halloween, so they rented a gold Aventador from Prestige Imports Miami. This appears to be that very car, whipping hard and powersliding around the docks. Badass. » 12/28/12 1:00pm 12/28/12 1:00pm

Kim Kardashian Checked Out The Only $2 Million Pagani Huayra In America

Kim Kardashian went to check out the only Pagani Huayra in the US the other day. She didn't drive it, but we're sure she had the same kind of gushing enthusiasm for the car as that one amazing kid in Pebble Beach this year. » 11/01/12 4:41pm 11/01/12 4:41pm

Celebrity Car Wrecks 2010: A Look Back

Sometimes life isn't fair. Celebrities can afford to buy beautiful new Maseratis and Range Rovers. And what do they do? This year, they seem to be having a lot of problems with mountains. » 10/31/10 4:12pm 10/31/10 4:12pm

Battle Of The Bullrun Booty: Kim Kardashian Or The CTS-V Coupe?

Kim Kardashian, the woman famous (only?) for her sizable rear end, drops the ceremonial flag Saturday to start the 2010 Bullrun Rally in New York City. Hey... doesn't that Cadillac CTS-V Coupe behind her look familiar? Maybe if we... Enhance! » 7/12/10 8:30am 7/12/10 8:30am

Commenter Of The Day: Rich Girls On The Tee Vee Edition

Being fans of scripted television, we've been generally unimpressed by reality television shows. We recognize the entertainment value and cultural impact of shows like American Idol, and Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days has given some cred to the genre. We'd also totally watch MILF Island. All that being said, we can't… » 7/21/08 5:40pm 7/21/08 5:40pm