Happier Days For Kim Jong-il’s Lincoln Hearse

Back when Kim Jong-il’s hearse was not Kim Jong-il’s hearse but a member of his father Kim Il-sung’s official fleet, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu paid a visit to North Korea. The footage, excerpted from the 2010 documentary The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceauşescu, shows the massive, colorful Stalinist lunacy… » 1/27/12 12:30pm 1/27/12 12:30pm

Kim Jong-il’s last ride was in a 1976 Lincoln hearse

For a dictator whose country has never been on particularly rosy terms with the United States, North Korea’s recently departed Dear Leader was allotted a rather peculiar hearse after a life of Mercedes-Benz fetish. That's totally an old black Lincoln. » 12/28/11 9:30am 12/28/11 9:30am

Kim Jong-Il's secret Mercedes-Benz fetish

As the Dear Leader of an impoverished country, where most citizens are too poor even to afford a bicycle, Kim Jong-Il enjoyed the fruits of his dictatorship to the fullest until his death. Many of those fruits were Mercedes-Benz cars. » 12/19/11 12:00pm 12/19/11 12:00pm

Kim Jong-il has died on a train

Kim Jong-il, the fearsome, furtive, and fashion-forward leader of North Korea, is dead at age 69. This according to a weeping announcer on a "special broadcast" delivered on North Korean television on Monday. The Dear Leader was on a train traveling through Pyongyang during a "field guidance tour" at the time. » 12/18/11 10:07pm 12/18/11 10:07pm

Meet The Ladies Of The Pyongyang Traffic Bureau

In what's becoming our favorite budding Internet sensation, we pay tribute to the North Korean ladies who substitute a hypnotic dance for working traffic lights at Pyongyang, North Korea's many intersections. » 3/05/10 3:40pm 3/05/10 3:40pm

Gumball 3000 So Ronery, Still Planning Run To North Korea In 2008

According to GTSpirit, the forum all about the road rally, the Gumball 3000 is still planning on making a run into the heart of Communist North Korea for the 2008 running of the sticky balls of gum. If you'll remember we reported they were looking to take a jaunt through Korea back in June, but we really believed… » 9/03/07 10:30pm 9/03/07 10:30pm