Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman Gets Naughtier In The Presence Of Kim Cattrall

Those pictures we showed you of the Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman merely suggested naughtiness with their stocking-themed paint job and expressions like "You're Going Down." At the "Life Ball" event this weekend, which raises money for AIDS-related causes, the Mini Clubman was on hand and things went from the… »5/19/08 1:00pm5/19/08 1:00pm

Ad Watch: Kim Cattrall's Too Sexy For New Zealand, Nissan Pulls Tilda Ad Campaign

Though the ad above isn't the truly offensive commercial, it's one of four featuring the former "Sex and the City" siren and sex-pot that've been pulled from the New Zealand market by Nissan over complaints they're overly sexual. In the double-entendre laced ad we unfortunately don't have, Cattrall gushes to a car… »7/24/06 9:41am7/24/06 9:41am