Mom With Priorities Out Of Whack Buys Street Billboard To Land Daughter Prom Queen Crown

One well-meaning but clearly off-her-rocker Texas mom has spent at least $1500 on newspaper ads, fliers, one of those customizable outdoor display signs at a local taqueria, and — the pièce de résistance — a "pink rotating outdoor" billboard advertising her daughter, Brandy Day, for prom queen. »4/20/12 2:40pm4/20/12 2:40pm

The Gang That Couldn't Find First: Carjackers Thwarted by Stick Shift

What's wrong with society when carjackers can't even work a stick shift and third pedal. Do they want the world just handed to them? It's true. Two teenaged carjackers from Georgia fulfilled their charter, jacking a guy's car outside a pizzeria. But when one of them jumped behind the wheel and saw that strange, floppy… »6/21/07 7:32am6/21/07 7:32am