If Your Dad Is A Pagani Driver You're The Luckiest Kid In The World

A lot of dads are accountants. Other dads are plumbers. Some even spend their days writing about birthdays. But when your dad is Chief Test Driver for the insane magic workshop that is Pagani, "take your kid to work day" becomes the best day ever. » 3/23/14 10:22am 3/23/14 10:22am

Smart High Schooler Is Smarter Than Google, Wins Intel Science Fair

Ionut Budisteanu is smart, really smart. Through his wits and hard work, he's created a system for self-driving cars that not only competes with Google's, it's also a whole lot cheaper. For his efforts, he's just been awarded a $75,000 scholarship from Intel. » 5/19/13 11:00am 5/19/13 11:00am