Detroit Auto Show: Kid Rock Bringin' Sex Rhymes to GM Style Event Next Weekend in Detroit

Looks like in addition to the A-list, B-list and C-list music names the General's throwin' down at the GM Style event next Saturday night prior to the Detroit Auto Show, they'll also have a D-list entertainer in the house. "D" as in D-etroit. Ha! We slay ourselves...and pretty much only ourselves. Yes, GM's bringing… »1/04/08 9:15am1/04/08 9:15am

"Other" Michigan Auto Show Gets Mustang GT-R, We Won't Be There

The folks on the Western side of the state of Michigan got themselves an auto show coming up at the end of this month and well, we're a bit unimpressed. Especially when they're touting via e-mail, the "big news" that »1/29/07 7:30am1/29/07 7:30am

Yes, we agree, that's big news — if this were in 2004, the year this 440-hp Mustang concept hit the…