Kia Soul'Ster Concept: A Ride For The Cali Kids

The two door, convertible, camino-bedded, crossover, active urban youth lifestyle Kia Soul'ster Concept has debuted at the Detroit Auto Show, answering a question which literally nobody has ever asked. Ever. » 1/11/09 3:02pm 1/11/09 3:02pm

Kia Soul'ster Concept: A Korean Geo Tracker

Kia's Soul'ster concept for the 2009 Detroit Auto Show has unofficially officially leaked out ahead of schedule and it's exactly what we said it would be — a two-door, four-seat Geo Tracker from Korea. » 1/09/09 9:30am 1/09/09 9:30am

Hyundai/Kia Pickup Truck Axed For U.S. Market, Georgia Plant Gets…

More boring industry news from Korea — read it if you're interested, move on if you're not. We'd been told a while back by Automotive News and our friends at to expect a pickup truck from the folks at Hyundai or their brand-brothers at Kia. Despite statements from Byung Mo Ahn, the new chairman and… » 5/08/08 3:12am 5/08/08 3:12am