It's Fine If Kia Sells The K900 Through Just A Third Of Its Dealers

It's logical that an automaker's dealers would be thrilled to sell their biggest and/or most prestigious models. That's not happening lately. News the Kia K900 is only being sold at a fraction of Kia outlets sounds strange, but it isn't. It's actually smart. » 2/28/14 9:00pm 2/28/14 9:00pm

Kia's The Matrix Super Bowl Ad Sells A K900 With Morpheus And Two Keys

Kia has a lot to sell with the Kia K900. In their big Super Bowl push, they're telling you there are two choices in buying big luxury cars: the Kia or everything else. Who better to present a choice between two pills cars than Morpheus from The Matrix? » 1/28/14 12:41pm 1/28/14 12:41pm

The Rear-Drive Flagship Kia K900 Will Drop At The LA Auto Show

For those of you who have spent years lusting after a luxurious, V8-powered rear-wheel drive Kia, you need only wait a few weeks for the flagship Kia K900 sedan to make its American debut at the LA Auto Show in November. » 10/29/13 9:42am 10/29/13 9:42am