How to Hotwire a Car

Recently, keyless starting has become a popular option on many new cars. So why should you be denied the sublime joy of starting a car without a key just because you happen to drive a two-decade-old piece of crap? You shouldn't, that's why. So I'm here to help, as long as you're willing to accept that keyless starting… » 12/29/11 2:00pm 12/29/11 2:00pm

Is this replacement key fob a little too easy to program?

Replacing a key fob usually involves contacting your dealership who then needs to place a custom order. But the K2 fob works like a universal remote for vehicles, requiring just their make, model, year and about five minutes of programming. » 12/01/11 4:45pm 12/01/11 4:45pm

Hackers remotely start Subarus via texting

Two security researchers at a Black Hat security conference demonstrated how they were able to break into a Subaru Outback using a technique they call "war texting" in just a few hours, a revelation sure to warrant a mention in the REI customer newsletter. » 8/05/11 2:30pm 8/05/11 2:30pm

How Hackers Can Use Smart Keys To Steal Cars

Modern smart keys use radio frequencies to let drivers unlock and start a vehicle without fumbling with a key fob. Now European researchers have found such systems can be hacked, letting thieves easily steal your car. » 1/18/11 1:30pm 1/18/11 1:30pm