BMW high-tech keyfob will self-park the car

Almost a year ago, we published photos of the BMW i8 keyfob which was regarded as one of the most high-tech car keys on the market. At the time, BMW has refrained from giving more information on the keyfob, but we have learned at the time that besides the usual buttons for locking and unlocking, a high-res LCD… »12/03/14 12:31am12/03/14 12:31am


German Scientists Crack Remote Code, Cars And Garages Vulnerable To Blitzkrieg

Ever wonder how all the remote openers in the world don't set each other off on a regular basis? It all has to do with the mysterious KeeLoq security system, made by Microchip Technology. The system is used by quite a few automakers in their remote keyfobs and in garage door openers to keep things secure. Well, the… »4/09/08 4:30pm4/09/08 4:30pm

GM's New Key Fob Goes Both Ways: Two-Way Communicator Shows Tire Pressure, Fuel Level, Radio Presets

Through the marvel of two-way radio frequency communication, the General's now got a brand new toy coming your way. It's a — wait for it — hell, give it a drum-roll — key fob! And if we're to believe the hype, it promises to revolutionize your pocket through a breakthrough in miniaturization of both size and costs.… »11/15/06 3:45pm11/15/06 3:45pm

Breaking Odds! Wert Encounters Strangeness In Detroit Parking Garage

Despite the fact that we know there's only so many signals our key fobs can use to transmit codes to our car for commands like "lock", "unlock" and "alarm", we're still kind of weirded out when we encounter through random chance, a vehicle sharing said signal. We guess we shouldn't be too surprised because as we… »10/06/06 1:59pm10/06/06 1:59pm