German Scientists Crack Remote Code, Cars And Garages Vulnerable To Blitzkrieg

Ever wonder how all the remote openers in the world don't set each other off on a regular basis? It all has to do with the mysterious KeeLoq security system, made by Microchip Technology. The system is used by quite a few automakers in their remote keyfobs and in garage door openers to keep things secure. Well, the… »4/09/08 4:30pm

GM's New Key Fob Goes Both Ways: Two-Way Communicator Shows Tire Pressure, Fuel Level, Radio Presets

Through the marvel of two-way radio frequency communication, the General's now got a brand new toy coming your way. It's a — wait for it — hell, give it a drum-roll — key fob! And if we're to believe the hype, it promises to revolutionize your pocket through a breakthrough in miniaturization of both size and costs.… »11/15/06 3:45pm