NASCAR's Kevin Harvick Wins By 4 Inches In Insane Full-Contact Photo Finish

Phoenix International Raceway featured one of the most breathtaking and fun endings ever to a NASCAR Sprint Cup race today. Not only did it end in a photo finish, but Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards were trading paint all the way up to the finish line. It’s everything awesome about NASCAR in a nutshell.

NASCAR's Kevin Harvick Feels The Tire Pain At Texas Motor Speedway

If there’s one thing that defines this race at Texas Motor Speedway, it’s tires. Drivers are struggling to find grip on the surface, and wear is a serious issue. NASCAR fans who felt as if Kevin Harvick wrecked at Talladega to advance in the Chase rejoiced a bit with the Kenseth fans: Harvick’s tire blew up, too.

Kevin Harvick Shoving Jimmie Johnson Marks The Start Of NASCAR's Chase

Like the changing colors of the leaves, children returning back to school and the three-tailed flying dung-birds returning to roost in Capistrano or something, certain events mark the start of a season. NASCAR’s Chase for the Sprint Cup doesn’t seem official until grown dudes are shoving each other over race cars.