Federline Asks Britney Not to Drive Kids in New Mercedes

We're getting a bit tired of celebrities and their automotive follies, but there's been an interesting twist in the ongoing saga of Britney Spears, cars and K-Fed's surprisingly high level of parenting competency... and we're hypocrites. Possibly after hearing about Britney and her new SL65, K-Fed had the audacity to… »11/09/07 3:30pm11/09/07 3:30pm


Federline Desecrates Ferrari, Enzo Undoubtedly Pissed

Oh man, Mr. Ferrari's totally spinning in his grave a la a redlining Formula 1crankshaft right about now. Britsperminator Kevin Federline went and had his name painted on the brake calipers of the 360 his wife bought him (and recently had towed away). We can't really put it any better than reader Greg, who tipped us… »12/15/05 5:16pm12/15/05 5:16pm