Ad Watch: Kermit Snags Some South African Green From BMW

So, basically...Kermit the Frog is a whore — he'll sell himself to any automaker that will take his furry green froggie butt and plop it into the front seat of a car. But really, at least he's doing what other big celebs have done — commercialized himself overseas, as in this BMW 1-Series commercial for South… » 6/07/06 3:54pm 6/07/06 3:54pm

Ford Taps Muppet for Escape Hybrid Super Bowl Spot

That 40-year media juggernaut and lamenter of one's greenness, Kermit the Frog, will star in a new, 30-second TV spot for the Ford Escape Hybrid to run during the Super Bowl. More of a perceptional ad than a sales pitch — considering the hybrids are selling faster than Ford can build them — Ford hopes the spot will… » 1/31/06 8:55am 1/31/06 8:55am