Autoextremist Feels Ghosn, York, KirkKerk; Doesn't Like It

Sweet Peet D looks at the ways GM, Nissan and Renault could unite on specific products, including an engine-manufaturing alliance much like Hyundai, DCX and Mitsu's GEMA, as well as some platform-sharing. And in the Autoextremist's eyes, that's all they're gonna get out of Ghosn, York and Kerkorian's talks with… »7/12/06 6:00pm7/12/06 6:00pm

Ghosn Crazy? Renault-Nissan Looking to Buy Minority Interest in GM

Automotive News is reporting GM's chief side-thorn Kirk Kerkorian — who controls 9.9% of the company's stock — is pushing a deal that would allow Renault-Nissan to buy a minority interest in General Motors. But that's not the end of it. In a letter Kerkorian wrote to Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and Renault… »6/30/06 11:47am6/30/06 11:47am

Kerkorian Repurchases GM Shares After Taking Loss for 2005

And that, my friends is how you sweep the taxman's leg. Kirk "Miyagi" Kerkorian, billionaire financier and GM antagonist snapped up 12 million shares of GM stock in a buyback deal that happened like clockwork. Kerkorian, through his Tracinda Corporation, sold the same amount at the end of 2005 — at a capital loss —… »1/26/06 6:00am1/26/06 6:00am

Sell, Mortimer, Sell!!: Kerkorian Unloads Millions of GM Shares

Eternal corporate busybody Kirk Kerkorian has cut his stake in GM by 20 percent, selling 12 million shares and sending the stock on a downward spiral ending at a 23-year low. GM shares began yesterday 5.7 percent higher than they were at the end of the day, falling $1.20 to $19.85. Failing to score a seat on the… »12/21/05 6:58am12/21/05 6:58am