They're The World's Most Expensive Cars- Let's SMASH 'EM UP!

The Kenner SSP (Super Sonic Power) toy cars of the Early Malaise Era were pretty cool, but they got orders of magnitude better when parts flew off during crashes! » 9/27/09 4:00pm 9/27/09 4:00pm

Railbird, The SSP Demon Dragster For '72!

As a young proto-hoon, I was more of a fan of the Smash Up Derby SSPs than of the "standard" SSP cars; since all SSPs were going to bash into baseboards, ankles, etc. at parent-enragin' velocity (which is probably the reason they're no longer made) the ones that featured parts flying off at impact were more… » 4/04/08 11:00am 4/04/08 11:00am

The Howl of Power! SSPs for '72

There are those who would tell you that Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots were the pinnacle of toy awesomeness in the late-60s/early-70s period. They are wrong. Behold the Kenner SSPs for '72, with adult-maddening Sonic Sound (the Visible Appearance option came later, when Malaise Era emissions regulations and insurance… » 5/21/07 12:00pm 5/21/07 12:00pm

Hoonage Now For The Future: Kenner Smash-Up Derby

If there ever was a toy calculated to instill a love of hoonage in impressionable young minds, it had to be Kenner's Smash-Up Derby set. You got a pair of toy cars using Kenner's SSP "rip-cord" drive system, only with a huge improvement over the standard SSP deal: these cars were hideous 50s beaters, with dents and… » 4/02/07 2:17pm 4/02/07 2:17pm