Ad Watch: Bold And The Beautiful — Ford's Like, Totally All About Kelly Clarkson

We are so totally obsessin' on the whole Bold Moves advertising campaign Ford started on American Idol — and that makes sense to us, cause American Idol is totally all about the like, big and bold moves. We mean, it's so like, ground-breaking and stuff. We can't even imagine that like, anyone could ever want to watch… » 5/04/06 11:33am 5/04/06 11:33am

Ford Decides It's Time To Find Out What Happens When It Gets Real - With A Reality Show

First it was Kelly Clarkson — now Ford's getting even Pop-ier — they've decided to get into the reality show craze. Their ad agency, J. Walter Thompson, is shopping around a teaser for a reality show aligned with their new "Bold Moves" strategy. All of this can come to no good, we tell ya — unless they're gonna drop… » 4/27/06 10:15am 4/27/06 10:15am

Kelly Clarkson's Bold Marketing Message For Ford

FoMoCo's looking to change their tune, and using Kelly Clarkson of American Idol to do it. It appears Ford's gonna be ditching the slogan "Built for the Road Ahead" after it just hit it's one year birthday. The plan, according to "insiders", is to move to the slogan of "Bold Moves." It certainly is a "Bold Move" for… » 4/25/06 9:30am 4/25/06 9:30am