This Is How You Find The Best Value When Buying A Pre-Owned Vehicle

For the longest time common knowledge said, "Dealers make all their money on used cars." While there is still profit to be had in the pre-owned market, the days of six or seven thousand dollar markups are gone. So when you are used car shopping focus on the value more than the discount. » 11/05/14 11:59am 11/05/14 11:59am

KBB: Top ten family cars of 2011

Have a family? Need a car? If you answered yes to both questions, maybe Kelley Blue Book has the right pick for you in their top ten family cars of 2011 list. Although we think maybe it needs more wagon. » 7/20/11 11:45am 7/20/11 11:45am

Do not buy used fuel-efficient cars right now

What do OPEC and Prius owners have in common? They both screw you when gas prices go up. Buyers looking to lower their fuel costs with an gas-sipping used car should wait as the value of those vehicles likely peaked this week. » 6/14/11 2:00pm 6/14/11 2:00pm

What not to do when driving past a police car

Only about 4% of drivers decide to commit evasive actions when they see a police car turn up near them, and 13% slow down, according to a poll by » 3/02/11 3:30pm 3/02/11 3:30pm

Kelly Blue Book Offers A Weird Incentive

Kelly Blue Book seems to be having some issues with oversharing in its incentives. Or something. This is a very strange mistake. Update: Kelly Blue Book issues a fairly amusing official response. [KBB via The Car Lounge] » 1/19/10 6:30pm 1/19/10 6:30pm

Study Shows McCain Winning Over Hummer Moms, Obama Cleaning Up With…

A survey of more than 11,000 car owners and likely voters by Kelley Blue Book » 10/23/08 2:20pm 10/23/08 2:20pm shows that Senator John McCain does better than Senator Barack Obama among owners of domestic brands and full-size SUVs, while Senator Obama does better with owners of import brands, hybrids and hatchbacks. Though this doesn't come as a…

Rusty Toyota Tacoma? Toyota May Buy Back Your Truck For 150% The Value

It wasn't too long ago that Toyota announced they were going to extend the rust-perforation warranty on about 813,000 model-year 1995 to 2000 Tacoma pickups due to serious issues with corrosion of the frame in certain areas. This means that you could add 15 years onto the model year and, if you had problems, take it… » 4/07/08 2:45pm 4/07/08 2:45pm

KBB Predicts Highest Resale Value Cars, Pats Super Bowl

The folks over at Kelley Blue Book have announced the ten vehicles they predict will have the best resale value over the next five years in each category. Not surprisingly, the Corvette Z06 makes the list for "high performance vehicle" as there's no high privilege charge attached to buying a new one. They predict you… » 12/07/07 12:45pm 12/07/07 12:45pm

The Truthiness About Cool Cars Under $18K

When we think cool — we think Kelley Blue Book. Actually — we think Steve McQueen in a Mustang with a go-go dancer riding his shotgun, then Kelley Blue Book. Still, Kelley Blue Book's so cool, it's now an arbiter of cool — with a list of the top ten coolest new cars under $18,000. And speaking of cool, our very own… » 6/19/06 11:00am 6/19/06 11:00am