Kazakhstan to Ban Exploitation of Right-Hand Drive Cars

Now that homosexuals no longer have to wear blue hats in Kazakhstan, the former Soviet republic is turning its political might toward another social injustice. The Kazakh Security Council has determined that they will end "in three years the exploitation of the right hand drive cars." Amen. We hate to see the little… »11/22/06 2:30am11/22/06 2:30am

DaimlerChrysler To Consider Joint Venture For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan

A major auto-industry shakeup involving DaimlerChrysler and a Kazakhstan-based production company could be at hand, according to recent news reports. The two companies are reportedly investigating a possible joint venture that may result in a groundbreaking outsourcing deal. With neither side revealing details, we've… »10/18/06 12:02pm10/18/06 12:02pm