The Truly Nuts Kawasaki Ninja H2R Can Be Used To Start An Inferno

Which are the five greatest track bikes of all time? Think about it. The Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R, and the Kawasaki Ninja H2R. Because it spits hot fire. » 3/02/15 5:14pm 3/02/15 5:14pm

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 Is A Supercharged Beast With Wings

We're less than 24 hours away from the debut of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 at the Intermot show in Cologne, Germany, and here's the first real shot of the supercharged beastie. And yup, it has wings! » 9/29/14 2:37pm 9/29/14 2:37pm

Listen To The Supercharged Fury Of Kawasaki's New Ninja

Kawasaki has been teasing its Ninja H2 in the run-up to the Intermot motorcycle show in Germany later this month. Now we get to hear it, and there's no denying the supercharger whine accompanied by a fiendishly tell-tale chirp. » 9/05/14 7:30pm 9/05/14 7:30pm

Kawasaki's 310-Horsepower Jet Ski Is Pure Madness

Comedian Bill Hicks once said, "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a jet ski, and you never see an unhappy person riding a jet ski." Mr. Hicks, and most of those who have copied his quote since, never saw someone ride Kawasaki's new 310-horsepower jet ski, the Ultra 310. The rider of this brutish machine may be… » 2/04/14 3:40pm 2/04/14 3:40pm

No One Understands Romance Like a Gearhead

As the weather grows colder and true winter sets in, people find themselves in need of a warm body to cuddle up with while they binge on Netflix. While romantic comedies paint pictures of cute women bumping into Hugh Jackman the Pharmacist Lawyer Fighter Pilot in a field of clover, what women should really be dreaming… » 11/26/13 1:35pm 11/26/13 1:35pm

Watch This Canyon-Carving Faceoff Between Custom Hooligan Bikes

How could two motorcycle racers with similar outlooks on custom machinery wind up with such different bikes that are still very similar? That is, despite their divergent styles, they're both total hoon hacks in the very best way. » 10/23/12 3:40pm 10/23/12 3:40pm

You Won’t Believe A Motorcycle Rider Survived This Crash

When one sport bike rider doesn't see a trailer in front of him in the road, the ensuing crash is unbelievably destructive. Watch the video and you won't believe he got away with just a broken arm and a broken leg. » 9/18/12 2:20pm 9/18/12 2:20pm

Watch a blisteringly fast two wheel run around the 'ring

There is no shortage of impressive and awesome in-car footage from fast cars making fast Nürburgring laps, but few can compare to the insanity of this video. » 9/18/11 12:30pm 9/18/11 12:30pm

Sport bike race hauler caught hauling drugs

Kawasaki's team in the World Sportbike Championships came home to England following a race in Holland with some surprising Dutch treats — namely a few hundred pounds of illicit drugs. British authorities now wonder: Because race trucks? » 5/04/11 3:30pm 5/04/11 3:30pm

It's Mating Season for the Japanese Air Force Display Team

Two Kawasaki T-4s from the Japanese Air Self Defense Force "Blue Impulse" demonstration squad are either performing a belly-to-belly maneuver or one of the pilots is awful at using his instruments. [Photohito] » 6/30/10 1:00pm 6/30/10 1:00pm

48-Cylinder Kawasaki Pushes Boundaries Of Sanity

Kawasaki made some notorious motorcycles in the 1970s, most notably the H1 triple with its hellacious two-cycle power curve. This custom monster boast 48-cylinders, six crankshafts and six Jaguar E-type distributors. Yeah, it's kinda hairy. » 6/17/09 6:00pm 6/17/09 6:00pm

Do Not Want: Talon Performance Street Legal Quad

Talon performance has created a... thing... for use on public roads that, without much doubt, will certainly turn heads, though not in the way one might like. Based loosely on the automatic transmission-equipped Kawasaki KFX 700 four wheeler, the Street Legal Quad is an exercise in the absurd. Fun on the street… » 8/07/08 2:00pm 8/07/08 2:00pm

Kawasaki Wants To Smother The Fires Of The Dodge Vs. Chevy Rivalry With…

With "Maximum" Bob Lutz and Jason "Main Man" Vines continuing to try and turn the cold war between Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and Chevy owners hot, someone's got to cool that heat on the street down. Who knew it would take the mighty ninjas of Kawasaki to get the job done? That's right — these two custom jobbers are going to… » 8/18/07 9:00pm 8/18/07 9:00pm

Where'd These TV and Film Cars Go?

Hemmings blogger David Traver Adolphus got to wondering whatever happened to all this season's hero cars of yesteryear, including the Pretty in Pink Karmann Ghia, the Stripes RV and Tom Cruise's Kawi from Top Gun. We'll chime in and add that we're curious about the whereabouts of the Lone Starr's Winnebago from … » 7/18/07 7:00pm 7/18/07 7:00pm

Paging Officers Poncharello and Baker: It's the KZ1000P!

While supping at Maria's this evening, we noticed a couple of po-pos in the restaurant as we got up to leave. Then we noticed an LAPD KZ1000P in the parking lot. And while the classic law-enforcement bike has gone off to the big motor pool in the sky production-wise, the big lug served a long and illustrious term… » 1/12/07 8:00pm 1/12/07 8:00pm

Dubs On a Quad? The Trend is Dead

We've decried the rise of dub culture for years, and it finally seems that it's reached critical mass and is now on the wane. At least, we hope it is. 13s are the new 23s, and the Starlet is the whip to have. Actually, we suppose due to its diminutive size, it's really more of a flogger than a whip. Rum, sodomy and… » 6/23/06 4:30pm 6/23/06 4:30pm

Vintage Bike Radness Happens in Pedro

Bumbeck came down from the hills in the Mighty Starlet to catch a showing of Cars today (which totally brought out the softy in us, and may well be our favorite Pixar film yet — disregard the haters and see it). He calls and says, "Hey, I just ran across this awesome bike show," which happened to be at Century… » 6/18/06 11:42pm 6/18/06 11:42pm