Here's Vin Diesel Dancing Alone to Beyoncé for Seven Minutes

Earlier this morning, huggable pile of bowling balls Vin Diesel posted a 7-minute-long video to Facebook that featured him lip syncing/singing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and dancing to Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love" with no further explanation. It's truly a great moment in internet — nay, human — history. » 1/28/14 10:25am 1/28/14 10:25am

What's So Loud It's Causing Katy Perry To Make This Face?

Katy Perry is used to some loud sound, but she wasn't prepared for the howl of 24 Formula One engines right past her ears. Here she is getting her eardrums blown out in Singapore, and we think she liked it. » 9/24/12 4:20pm 9/24/12 4:20pm

Buy A Creepy Katy Perry And Rihanna-Muralized Hyundai For Just $2,500

Old and young people alike all say kids don't express themselves with cars anymore. This purple Hyundai Accent with murals of Rihanna on one side and Katy Perry on the other is here to prove them wrong. And for $2,500 it could be yours! » 3/30/12 1:30pm 3/30/12 1:30pm

Ford Capri Sacrificed On Altar Of Katy Perry-Russell Brand Wedding

Chanteuse Katy Perry, shown here trying a new Sesame Street costume, gave hubby Russell Brand a vintage Ford Capri for a wedding present Sunday. Great... if only he knew how to drive. (Photo:AP) [Zimbio] » 10/25/10 1:00pm 10/25/10 1:00pm