The Wings of Goodyear to Carry Less: Tiremaker to Slash Production in Wake of Hurricanes

Due to supply issues caused by the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, Goodyear has cut output at its North American plants by 30%. The problems will affect Goodyear's nine North American plants, which make up roughly half of its worldwide production. While the company anticipates being able to fulfill its contracts for… » 10/05/05 12:50pm 10/05/05 12:50pm

Caveat Emptor: Will Water-Damaged Vehicles Flood the Used Market?

Everybody's got an angle on Katrina, and rightfully so. It's the most tragic thing in the United States that we've witnessed in our nigh-on thirty years. Being from California, we'd seen fire and we'd seen rain, but we've never seen anything like this hurricane. (Please, make the rhyming stop! And the James Taylor… » 9/09/05 2:25am 9/09/05 2:25am