For $4,800, nola contendere this 911 (UPDATED - Scam)

We began the week with a Porsche, so it seems only fitting that Nice Price or Crack Pipe end it with one as well. This one's a N'awlins' 911, and you might find its price is ripe for a Louisiana purchase. » 2/11/11 8:00am 2/11/11 8:00am

This Is How a Snowstorm Became 'Bloomberg's Katrina'

New York conducted itself like some third-rate 'burg during and after last weekend's blizzard, failing to take even the most routine and common-sense precautions against getting overwhelmed by snow. The post-mortems are rolling in, and the verdict is run-of-the-mill incompetence. » 12/30/10 1:15pm 12/30/10 1:15pm

Waterlogged Cars Big in 'Bama

Waterlogged cars are hitting sales records in Alabama. Cars that suffered through Katrina and Rita are being passed off by shady types and snapped up by the masses. According to Carfax, the sales of formerly-waterlogged vehicles are up 374 percent, although to be fair, 'Bama comes in second to Mississippi in the… » 2/02/07 10:30pm 2/02/07 10:30pm

Basin Street Blues: Louisiana Graft

We remember, a few years back, talking to a guy in Austin who was originally from Louisiana, and he was going on and on about corruption amongst the officials and gangsters down in the Big Easy. Well, it seems like the connection between public and private interests hasn't ebbed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Four… » 7/08/06 12:43am 7/08/06 12:43am

Jalopnik Emissions: Flying Car Edition

• This is going from the world of silly to the world of serious. There are patents now from respectable companies like Pratt & Whitney and Moller to build flying cars. [Sacramento Bee]
• Volkswagen: Arriba! Arriba! Andel ! Andel ! [BrandWeek]
• We used to worry about people driving at the age of 71. Then we realized… » 3/16/06 7:10pm 3/16/06 7:10pm

Progressive Crushes 5,000 Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Due the total floodination of Southern Louisiana and surrounding areas' infrastructure, many cars sat in a toxic postmordial soup for up to four weeks before they could be pulled out, naturally to be declared total losses. Progressive, stuck with 5,000 of completely irreparable hulks, decided to send 'em off to the… » 11/28/05 3:46pm 11/28/05 3:46pm

Louisiana Flood-Car Prohibition Bill Goes to Gov

A bill prohibiting the sale of flooded cars in Louisiana passed in the state's House by an overwhelming 87-8 margin and is now headed to the office of Governor Kathleen Blanco for her Jane Hancock. The legislation requires that any insurance company that's totaled a car due to flood damage to get a Certificate of… » 11/23/05 2:13pm 11/23/05 2:13pm

The Wings of Goodyear to Carry Less: Tiremaker to Slash Production in…

Due to supply issues caused by the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, Goodyear has cut output at its North American plants by 30%. The problems will affect Goodyear's nine North American plants, which make up roughly half of its worldwide production. While the company anticipates being able to fulfill its contracts for… » 10/05/05 12:50pm 10/05/05 12:50pm

Katrina Saves Auto Lobbyist's Soul?

It generally takes a crisis to get the American automobile industry to change. In the 1970s, the gas crunch forced its hand. In the 1980s, imports stole its bacon. So it retreated into what it knew best large vehicles with V8 power and longitudinal drivetrains. As in trucks and SUVs. Having been consistently… » 9/15/05 11:47am 9/15/05 11:47am

Year One Sets Up 'Hot Rodders Hurricane Relief Fund'

Georgia-based Year One, one of the largest and most visible restoration parts companies in the country, has launched the "Hot Rodders' Hurricane Relief Fund," lending a hand to those in trouble on the Gulf Coast. We know two hurricane-related posts in a row puts us dangerously close to cable-news territory, but we… » 9/09/05 2:55am 9/09/05 2:55am

Caveat Emptor: Will Water-Damaged Vehicles Flood the Used Market?

Everybody's got an angle on Katrina, and rightfully so. It's the most tragic thing in the United States that we've witnessed in our nigh-on thirty years. Being from California, we'd seen fire and we'd seen rain, but we've never seen anything like this hurricane. (Please, make the rhyming stop! And the James Taylor… » 9/09/05 2:25am 9/09/05 2:25am

Gulf Coast Aid: Automakers Sound Off

Like most of their corporate peers, carmakers are pulling together plans to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina in Gulf Coast States. Most have pledged at least six-figure donations to the American Red Cross (way to embarass the Yankees, Toyota: $5 million) along with deferral options for their buyers in those areas with… » 9/02/05 11:00am 9/02/05 11:00am