Basin Street Blues: Louisiana Graft

We remember, a few years back, talking to a guy in Austin who was originally from Louisiana, and he was going on and on about corruption amongst the officials and gangsters down in the Big Easy. Well, it seems like the connection between public and private interests hasn't ebbed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Four… » 7/08/06 12:43am 7/08/06 12:43am

The Wings of Goodyear to Carry Less: Tiremaker to Slash Production in…

Due to supply issues caused by the recent Gulf Coast hurricanes, Goodyear has cut output at its North American plants by 30%. The problems will affect Goodyear's nine North American plants, which make up roughly half of its worldwide production. While the company anticipates being able to fulfill its contracts for… » 10/05/05 12:50pm 10/05/05 12:50pm

Caveat Emptor: Will Water-Damaged Vehicles Flood the Used Market?

Everybody's got an angle on Katrina, and rightfully so. It's the most tragic thing in the United States that we've witnessed in our nigh-on thirty years. Being from California, we'd seen fire and we'd seen rain, but we've never seen anything like this hurricane. (Please, make the rhyming stop! And the James Taylor… » 9/09/05 2:25am 9/09/05 2:25am