10-Year-Old Karter Leaves Orbit, Friends Discuss

Mini-Rok racing karts can hit 70 m.p.h, pull three mechanical gs in corners, accelerate like a cat that fell in a bathtub, and stop like the Radical Vertical Impact Simulator in Spies Like Us. They're stupid crazy Wile E. Coyote Acme Rocket fast. And they're typically driven by ten-year-olds. And sometimes they flip. »1/22/15 10:20am1/22/15 10:20am


The Best Rotary-powered Vehicles You Can Buy, Plus a 40 hp Wankel-engined Chainsaw

Felix Wankel's rotary engine has been fascinating gearheads for decades. Even so, Wankels' engine has been generating more than its share of press recently, with some news sources speculating that the engine will be making a return as a compact range-extending generator in future plug-in hybrids from Audi and Mazda »8/13/13 1:12pm8/13/13 1:12pm

Huge Drivable Lego Go-Kart Ups Pushes Global Awesome Index To New Highs

We've all seen Lego Mindstorms kits, right? Those advanced Lego kits with little motors and linkages and a little computer brain box? Sure, you know them. Usually, they're used to make little robots or table-top Rubik's cube solving machines or possibly advanced, immobile, closet-occupying robots. Normally they're… »9/03/12 4:00pm9/03/12 4:00pm