2015 Ford Transit: A Well-Behaved Whale, No Matter How Hard You Push It

The ubiquitous Ford E-Series van is finally bowing out to the 2015 Ford Transit, synchronizing Ford's van lineup around the world. The new Transit is a great hauler, but don't be fooled by the car-style dashboard, it's a van alright. We know, we autocrossed it (Sort of). » 6/16/14 5:03pm 6/16/14 5:03pm

Fire At Kansas City Magellan Oil Refinery Gets Out Of Hand, Threatens To Shoot Gas Higher Than Price Of Strip Steak

It looks like the Magellan Oil Refinery's just what the gas price doctor ordered to make sure those high Memorial Day prices stay around the same price as the per-pound-sticker on a Kansas City strip steak. OK, maybe that's just what "Big Oil's" doctor may have ordered. We're not so much happy about what just happened… » 6/04/08 11:20am 6/04/08 11:20am

One Airport Hassle Down, 6,593,039 To Go

Kansas City International Airport, a swinging place if you're taking a connecting flight to Evansville, has decided to reduce the stress of the traveling masses by consolidating the airport's ten rental car offices into one $90 million facility. Besides making it easier to find the rental car counter, it also reduces… » 4/26/07 5:30pm 4/26/07 5:30pm

Bush Kisses Some Ass, Visits Ford, GM Plants In Kansas City

Glad to see President Bush is finally starting to pay some attention to the US automakers more than once every two years. We're happy the President's going to be gracing two plants today with his royal presence, and we're hopeful it, along with a potential meeting next week, signals an increasing realization of the… » 3/20/07 2:20pm 3/20/07 2:20pm