Renault Kangoo: Room For Fat Americans And Their Donuts

Remember when Renault announced that they'd made a deal with 20th Century Fox to use characters from The Simpsons to shill the Kangoo minivan? Well, here's the result, which has been floating around the Internet for a while but hasn't landed here yet. It's about as entertaining as a French minivan could be; we're… »6/19/08 1:20pm6/19/08 1:20pm

Renault Taps The Simpsons To Sell New Renault Kangoo

Though a few seasons of mismanagement and poor writing has made The Simpsons less relevant over here, they still seem to have enough pull in the European market to help Renault push some of its New Kangoos. We like the quirky looking MPV, so it doesn't offend us that Marge, Lisa, Bart, Homer and Maggie end up enjoying… »2/04/08 10:30am2/04/08 10:30am