Sketch of Mazda Kabura Coupe Concept Leaked in Japan

Car news blog AutoPark found a teaser shot of the Mazda Kabura coupe set to be unveiled later in Detroit. The shot was reportedly published in a Japanese auto magazine, and shows a stylized coupe that somehow reminds us of a 1970 Buick Rivera GS (anyone? anyone?), though with deeper character lines. Enthusiasts have… » 1/05/06 3:04pm 1/05/06 3:04pm

Mazda Will Unveil CX-7 Crossover, New Coupe at Detroit Show

Mazda just released an outline of its plans for he Detroit show next month, and confirmed it was indeed unveiling a concept sport coupe, in addition to launching its new CX-7 crossover. Word of the coupe's existence was leaked last month by a tipster to AutoSpies who had attended a focus group to gauge the market… » 12/13/05 6:40am 12/13/05 6:40am