Over the Back Fence: 2010 Mazda RX-7

Despite a small issue with verb tenses, How Stuff Works apparently has a line on the 2010 Mazda RX-7. The info comes by way of Consumer Guide, which says a return of the RX-7 is imminent, possibly as a replacement for the aging RX-8. Word is the new RX-7 will ride on a stretched MX-5 platform. That means 2+2 seating.… » 8/23/07 9:00am 8/23/07 9:00am

More on Mazda's Kabura Concept

We were talking with a couple of European auto design consultants, who think the trend among American carmakers toward retrograde designs is complete, unabashed "rubbish" (c'mon, what did you think they would say?). They called out the Mazda Kabura concept (likewise with its RX-8 cousin) as one of the best designs of… » 1/10/06 9:20am 1/10/06 9:20am

Mazda's Kabura Concept

As these nymphs' expressions indicate, the Mazda's Kabura concept is quite the swell looker. Basically an RX-8 without the useless-appendage rear doors, the Kabura may be the next Zoom-Zoom projectile in Mazda's line. The company's not talking, but everyone else in Detroit is. » 1/08/06 7:06pm 1/08/06 7:06pm

Sketch of Mazda Kabura Coupe Concept Leaked in Japan

Car news blog AutoPark found a teaser shot of the Mazda Kabura coupe set to be unveiled later in Detroit. The shot was reportedly published in a Japanese auto magazine, and shows a stylized coupe that somehow reminds us of a 1970 Buick Rivera GS (anyone? anyone?), though with deeper character lines. Enthusiasts have… » 1/05/06 3:04pm 1/05/06 3:04pm

Mazda Will Unveil CX-7 Crossover, New Coupe at Detroit Show

Mazda just released an outline of its plans for he Detroit show next month, and confirmed it was indeed unveiling a concept sport coupe, in addition to launching its new CX-7 crossover. Word of the coupe's existence was leaked last month by a tipster to AutoSpies who had attended a focus group to gauge the market… » 12/13/05 6:40am 12/13/05 6:40am