Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: The $25,000 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z?

Yesterday, 68% of voters felt that $129,900 was too much to pay »11/26/08 8:30am11/26/08 8:30am for a 4-year-old lemon-law-buyback Maybach 57, which is doing pretty well according to the harsh standards set by Nice Price Or Crack Pipe. Today we'll be considering a super-low-mileage, near-showroom-condition Dodge Daytona… but we're not talking about…

1984 Chrysler LeBaron: Does The Continental Kit Make It Better?

The Chrysler K-car is subject to both love and hate. Yes it helped save the Pentastar brand's hiney back in the day, serving as the basis for the mega-hit that was the minivan. Yes, there are still some sick-o's out there who get a kick out of raising the boost on the turbo models and surprising folks off the line.… »6/24/08 2:30pm6/24/08 2:30pm

Like Tina, It Sure Ain't Built For Speed: 1990 Plymouth Acclaim

While the ol' Chrysler K platform (or, in this case, its AA cousin) was getting a bit long of tooth by 1990, Chrysler was still able to slather plenty of Virtually Velour™, Simu-Leather™, and Petroleo-Wood™ all over the interior, then pay Tina Turner to reference some Willie Dixon: »4/09/08 11:00am4/09/08 11:00am

And, now that we've got that song…

'87 Plymouth Sundance: 47 Standard Features To Convince Ya!

The pride is back! Just ask Lee Iacocca! Featuring Lite-Brite-style graphics and Reagan-era patriotic fervor, this ad captures both the optimism of Chrysler's rebirth and the gloom of the still-fresh-in-memory Malaise Era that nearly doomed the company. The Sundance, sibling to the Dodge Shadow and based on the… »7/10/07 11:11am7/10/07 11:11am